In 1931, Louis opened his first mattress store. Then called Bedding Discount Centers, the mattress retailer occupied the corner of Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Louis taught his son Harry all about the mattress trade. The early days of tying knots of fabric and stitching them together inspired in Harry an obsession of improving people’s lives with a comfortable night’s sleep. Harry worked hard, and dreamed of comfort yet to be discovered.


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Sleepys First Store


In 1957, Sleepy’s—home of the only Mattress Professionals—opened its doors. Harry worked day and night to make his dream a reality. He filled his stores with the best assortment of quality brand-name mattresses so that customers of all sleep styles could find the perfect bed for them. And of course, he extensively trained the most knowledgeable staff of mattress experts anywhere and instilled in them the passion of a true mattress professional.



Four generations now under our belts, the Only Mattress Professionals continue to blaze new paths and discover new levels of comfort, leaving a smiling trail of sound sleepers in their wake. As the largest privately-owned and operated specialty mattress retailer in America, the Mattress Professionals are currently supplying sleep expertise from more than 1,000 retail showrooms.

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1,000 STORES

Having recently expanded our reach West to the Chicago area and south into the Carolinas, the celebration of our 1,000th store is a true testament to the values we live by every day—in our stores and our homes.

As we reflect back on where we’ve come from to where we are today, we are proud to say that being the only Mattress Professionals is what we stood by then, stand for now, and will continue to live by in the future.

This bedtime story is far from over…

Celebrating Our 1000th Store